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Read the book that started it all. Co-authored by Enspiral, a community of entrepreneurs experimenting at the edges of ownership, governance, decision making, resource sharing, and organisational design.

Sharing tools, methods and stories from the frontiers of collaboration

Better Work Together exists to share practical resources from the frontiers of collaboration and organisation building. You’ll find innovative tools and methods for supporting people, running teams and building high performing mission driven organisations. 

  • Decentralised organising

    Building organisations where power and decision making are transparent and structurally distributed. Where ownership is (actually) shared and everyone is enabled to lead and act entrepreneurially.

  • Inner Development

    Where organisations are designed around the growth and self actualisation of individuals. Where we recognise that the development of the self is critical to the potential of the organisation and the fulfillment of a mission.

  • Remote asynchronous work

    Remote teams spread around the world need to engage each other to their full potential to navigate collective uncertainty, manage asynchronous work and thrive. How do we do this well?

  • Belonging in community

    Building deep, authentic relationships is how real community connection forms. How do we create spaces where the value of belonging transcends the jobs we do or the teams we work in?

Resources for people who want to change how we change the world.

We produce and curate resources to help you do better work together

Connect with new ideas from the frontiers of governance, leadership, collaboration, decentralised organising, remote work and community building. 

Do Better Work Together
  • Optimi

    Low-code operational workflows and systems for impact organisations.

  • Loomio

    Open source collaborative decision making software.

  • Greaterthan

    Consulting services for self-managing organisations and decentralized networks.

  • Consider it

    Visual summaries of what your community thinks and why.

  • The Hum

    Coaching, advice and training courses for decentralised organisations.

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Better Work Together is an initiative from the Enspiral network. 

Enspiral has been experimenting at the edges of ownership, governance, decision making, resource sharing, and organisational design since 2010.

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