Better Work Together

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Producing authors
This project is led by Susan Basterfield and Anthony Cabraal as producing authors.

We are deeply grateful to our collaborators, supporters and friends around the globe. Special thanks to Natalie Sisson and Alanna Irving for crowdfunding, production and editing support.

Better Work Together has been written, with love, by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, committed to building a better future of work.


Contributing authors: Billy Matheson, Gina Rembe-Stevens, Nick Laurence, Sandra Otto, Doris Zuur, Lucy Carver, john gieryn, Phoebe Tickell, Charley Davenport, Lucas Tauil de Freitas


Catalyst organisations

This project was made possible with financial support from these amazing organisations.


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Enspiral began in 2010 with a single freelancer seeking to collaborate with others who shared similar values. It’s grown into a community supporting hundreds of individuals and many companies with ambitious social missions at their core.
Better Work Together is funded through a capped returns investment model, which means all surplus from book sales will go towards supporting the mission of the Enspiral Foundation: More people working on stuff that matters.

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